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The Simplicity of God's Love

By Johnny

Sharing the Gospel has been a task for me for years because I use to overthink things. I still do from time to time overthink. One thing I'm sure of is that when we overthink we make mountains out of molehills. We assume and guess wrong that it's too difficult to express our love to share. Fear can be a factor. Fear what people may think, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of disappointing, fear of getting hurt.

But there is no FEAR if you put TRUST in a higher power. When we put so much and too much pressure and stress on ourselves and exclude our LORD to not help us manage our situations we tend to fail miserably. Now there is nothing wrong with failure and disappointments as long as you get back up and try again. Learning from our mistakes helps us. We learn from failure, but we also have to learn to trust in a God that has our best interest for eternal life. Our time on earth is short and we must do our best to live a good life with family and friends with God as our main focus always.

Life may be difficult (it is a fallen world we've inherited), but God's Love is endless and yes so simple to understand to opened ears and to finally share that LOVE that HE has for us. HIS LOVE message should be simple.

Sharing the message of Gospel is another thing. It can be challenging at first. Yes, there are obstacles like people's prejudices, hurts, fears, hate, disillusions, unbelief. This can create a lack of confidence in our part to share, but once you have the confidence and assurance in not only what you believe in (our Lord JESUS), fear disappears and the sharing part and the boldness to share follows. Not to mention the LOVE of your fellow man. Whether they receive the Gospel message wholeheartedly or not, we at least did our part to demonstrate our love for them. You never know, you may have planted a seed in their thoughts to think about the LORD's SALVATION. Be brave and confident, if you slip up, try again. Keep trying until you've built the confidence and mastered the technique speaking with love and boldness. Practicing what you'd like to say helps a lot. Stay blessed and remember, God's LOVE is simple to understand. He died for us sinners. He LOVES us!

Several examples of keeping it simple. Be blessed!

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